Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack

2006 World Extreme
Ice Skating Champions

Violetta Afanasieva and Pete Dack


About Violetta and Pete

Growing up in Russia and Canada, Violetta and Pete competed at the National level in both singles and pairs events. With a passion for performance, Violetta joined the Bolshoi Moscow Circus on Ice at the age of 14, where she developed her gymnastic and acrobatic skills. She was then invited to perform for "Holiday on Ice", where she was featured in two productions from 1994-2001. Pete, as a Canadian national competitor in both singles and pairs also joined Holiday On Ice in 1999 and teamed up with Violetta to create a new act.

Since 2000, Violetta and Pete have been thrilling audiences with their inconceivable accomplishments on ice. Combining figure skating with gymnastics, and achieving the impossible with hula-hoops, contortion, russian cube and acrobatics.

They have toured the globe extensively, taking part in such events as Canadian TV show "Battle of the Blades", Eugeni Plushenko‘s "Golden Ice of Stradivari", Shizuka Arakawa‘s "Christmas On Ice", "Art on Ice", "Celebration on Ice", Katarina Witt‘s "Enjoy the Stars tour", Daniel Weiss‘ "Stars On Ice tour" & "Rock the Ice",, Alessandro De Leonardis‘ "Skating Champions Italian Tour", etc. The couple were married in 2002 in Peterborough, Canada.

Their ultimate goal was achieved in September, 2006, by winning the first ever "Extreme Ice Skating World Championships" in St. Petersburg, Russia, where they earned the nights highest scores, receiving perfect 10‘s from six of the seven judges.